Abbeyfield Quality Standard

The Abbeyfield Quality Standard (AQS) is the latest internal mark of quality which all services within the Abbeyfield Family are expected to achieve. It builds on the previous quality marks (Core Standard and Gold Star).

There are six sections our services are measured on:
1. The home
2. Staff
3. Residents
4. Volunteers
5. Marketing
6. Leadership & Governance.

To obtain the AQS, each service is required to complete a self-assessment against the required outcomes within each section, and to provide evidence to demonstrate how they meet these outcomes. The requirements cover minimum regulatory standards as well as good practice and the key elements regarded as central to being part of the Abbeyfield movement. A quality assessor then verifies the self-assessment and supporting evidence, normally by undertaking an assessment visit, before making a recommendation to the Moderation Panel, chaired by the Head of Quality. A service will be approved for AQS certification once all outcomes have been met.

A pilot of the AQS programme was undertaken from late 2018. We currently have 70 within the Abbeyfield Family going through the process with all services expected to work to achieve the AQS by April 2021.

Why the AQS is so important:

  • Protects the older people whom we serve
  • Demonstrates continuous improvement
  • Ensures consistency across services within the Abbeyfield Family
  • Shows alignment to Abbeyfield’s ethos, mission and values
  • Supports compliance with regulations and good practice
  • Serves as a useful and timely review of services
  • Encourages recognition of high-quality services
  • Enables sharing of good practice and expertise. 

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