Caroline - Activity Leader

Our residents would like to nominate our Activity Leader Caroline to be our Abbeyfield Star! Caroline has worked with us since 2019 and even though we missed her during her shielding periods over the last 2 years she was able to research and find lots of new ideas and activities that keep all our residents busy and entertained. The residents and relatives have great things to say about her; J said "I think Caroline does a very good job and I enjoy the scrabble club and quizzes." M said "I really enjoy the musical movements sessions we have daily." C (relative) said "Caroline is great with Mum, who doesn’t really like to socialise and they have great one2one sessions which I know Mum enjoys. " We would like to see her hard work recognised by being our Abbeyfield Star!

Shaun Bryson - Chairperson

Our Abbeyfield Star is our Chairperson Shaun Bryson. He very ably heads the committee,weeds the garden and keeps it all tidy, does handiwork for the residents when required, and is generally an all round good guy and the residents appreciate him very much. We feel lucky to have him both for his Health and Safety skills, his committee decisions and his general good cheer and friendliness. He is our talented Helensburgh Star. Cath Griff House Manager at Abbeyfield Helensburgh

Everyone at David Gresham House

Our Angels and Stars sticky note wall aroused quite a heated debate. Individual names were put forward, from volunteers who presented virtual slide shows, talks & seated exercise that kept our spirits up via zoom, to staff members praised for their constant thoughtfulness. However, the main feeling here was that ALL of us are stars and angels. A specially typed message read: "There is no one star at David Gresham House. Everyone from residents, staff, committee, outside entertainers and even the contractors deserve to be recognised, especially during covid, all going that extra mile to make David Gresham House the special home it is!"

Sarah Curry - Business Admin (North)

I would like to nominate Sarah Curry for the Angels and Stars. Sarah is the Business Admin Manager for the North and since coming into post has provided a great deal support for our front line services and Managers, helping and assisting with recruitment, training, audits and generally supporting the front line teams. She is also my lifeline and I couldn’t do my job as effectively without her support. Jacqui Whitehurst Regional Operations Manager - North

Lucie Watts - Finance Manager (West)

Lucie has played a fundamental role in the implementation of Environmental Sustainability at Abbeyfield this year. Many of the projects we have undertaken (particularly completion of the Phase 2 ESOS Audit, achieving environmental accreditations for Abbeyfield, and driving of the Environmental Working Group) would not have been possible without Lucie’s skill, passion, hard work, and generosity. She is an absolute asset to Abbeyfield and we feel very fortunate to be working with her to make Abbeyfield a greener place to live and work. The Health and Safety Team

Sandy Owens - Senior House Manager

Sandy Owens, Senior House Manager in the West covering Basingstoke. The past year has been particularly stressful for her and her team with some complex legal challenges relating to one of her schemes in addition to the other ‘new’ stresses caused by Covid, and she has been an absolute star in tackling it with me. Despite the clear emotional stress that the sort of matters concerned would naturally cause anybody, she has been really proactive and supportive to her team, which I know will have made a massive difference to them. Joe Lavery Paralegal

Alex Chabaani - Chef

At Abbeyfield Wessex, we are proud of our teams in all six of our Houses. However, our Angels and Stars nomination is Alex Chabaani, our Chef at Westbourne House. Alex is so popular with the residents providing wonderful home cooked food and is always willing to help whenever he is needed. His Bonfire Night fireworks displays are always very anticipated! Thank you, Alex for all you do. Sally Martin Events and Promotion Officer at Abbeyfield Wessex

Linda Bird - Chair

I would like to nominate our Chair, Linda Bird. She has been a constant source of support, guidance and reassurance – particularly as we were navigating our way through a pandemic. Her experience in housing has been so useful but mainly her commitment to Abbeyfield Barnard Castle has been inspirational. Sue Tweddle Manager Abbeyfield Barnard Castle Society

Robin Kelly - Volunteer

Robin has volunteered at Abbeyfield Locksheath for many years, the residents all look forward to whenever Robin comes to see us, he is always there for us and the residents to fix lots of our little repairs we couldn’t be without him. Lucy Perry Sheltered Housing Manager, Locksheath

Carol - Volunteer

Knowing the residents at Hadleigh and the discussions we have had, we nominate our volunteer Carol. She has been such a support to the residents during the Covid pandemic and still comes weekly creating lots laughter. Barbara Jones Senior House Manager, Abbeyfield Hadleigh

Loraine and Hayley - Support Workers

They always have a smile and are helpful with my requests to help with Lateral Flow Testing and indeed anything. Thank you both! Resident Abbeyfield Stirling Society

Loraine Ivatt - Support Worker

I called her that a week ago for something she had done for me. Is very particular in everything she does and encourage me as much as possible and always steps in when she sees me struggling. She is lovely and I appreciate her friendship. Resident Abbeyfield Stirling Society

Hayley Bowie - Support Worker

Nothing is ever too much trouble for her and she is always ready with a smile. Resident Abbeyfield Stirling Society

Donna Harvey - Cook

Donna is a real star. She brightens up my day and is always there when you need her always has time for a wee chat. Her meals are always first class. Resident Abbeyfield Stirling Society

Gina Shaw - Cook

Has shown endless patience and good judgement on my food requests - thank you! Resident Abbeyfield Stirling Society

Lesley Garrett - Quality and Compliance Manager

My Star is Lesley Garrett. She is always willing to help and available at (literally) any time when an issue arises. She is calm in a crisis, knowledgeable and full of sound advice to ensure we can deliver the best services for our residents. I know she is a real source of support for our Care Home Managers, in particular – and for me! I wouldn’t want to write (and re-write and re-write) COVID-19 guidance with anyone else! Jen Conway Quality and Compliance Manager

Maria Cerezo - Head of Learning and Development

The Learning and Development team would like to recognise Maria Cerezo as our angel. We are super lucky to be led by such an inspiring leader, who has galvanised the team and kept spirits while we have worked remotely. Her care and support has been invaluable to the team and we would like her to know what a star she is.

Ruth Taylor - Team leader

We would like to nominate Ruth for being such a positive person. Ruth always has a smile on her face, she is energetic and the residents enjoy her spirit. She is an excellent Team Leader and has still managed to smile during some very testing times in the last year. Wendy and Paige Bradbury House

Jacqui Hudson - Head Chef

Jacqui goes above and beyond in all aspects of her role, she takes a big lead on the planning of events and special occasions within the Service whilst at the same time ensuring our Residents have a special dining experience every day, nothing is too much trouble for Jacqui and I am proud to have her in our team.

Kerrice Cavanagh
Care & Housing Manager, Hope Bank View

She always goes above and beyond to ensure the residents have a varied daily meal. She organises social events which she does in her own time. She supports the Hope Bank View team with duties outside of her own role.
She does an all-round fabulous job here.

Sheila Bradley
Administrator, Hope Bank View

Gill Munday - General Assistant

Buckmaster House in Broadstairs are so lucky to have GA- Gill Munday here, she always goes above and beyond and is loved by everyone here for all the kindness she shows to our residents in so many different ways. Gill voluntarily stays after work to do lovely things with them, organising fun things such as bingo, quizzes, craft sessions, and games and during Lockdown this act of kindness was so essential to the residents mental wellbeing during such a difficult time when their families and friends couldn’t visit, it helped give them something to look forward to in order to pass the time. Gill also runs a small shop so those who can’t get out can purchase essentials and Gill shops for the items in her own time. She is also a supportive member of staff and is so reliable she has 100% attendance again this year. She is an absolute star!

Karen Hunt
House Manager, Buckmaster House

Helen Porter - Fundraising Officer

Helen has worked on numerous trust and corporate fundraising bids this year. She has raised thousands of pounds for us and member societies. Her quiet professionalism in preparing bids for funders has made her an invaluable asset to Abbeyfield. It is a pleasure to work with her and her ready enthusiasm means that all tasks can be achieved with the minimum of fuss. She is a great listener and always looks on the bright side of life. Personally I’m indebted to Helen for helping me by going to the office on a weekly basis to open post, print letters and cash cheques at the bank.

Ian Nancollas
Fundraising Database and Compliance Officer

Elizabeth Cottam - Senior Digital Officer

Elizabeth is a pure gem and is everything good about the world. I can't think of a day she hasn't brought a smile to my face and many others in Abbeyfield. Her genuine kindness shines through everything she does. She is constantly going above and beyond in supporting all our services across the Abbeyfield Family. I love her sparkle and generosity and put her forward as Marketing's angelic star!

Sue Riches
Senior Marketing Officer

Michael Finch - Maintenance Operative

Not only is Michael an excellent Maintenance Operative but he has assisted in the administration of the Covid testing in the home and breakfast cheffing when needed. He is a great help to all staff and residents and is a real star.

Alice Dunning
Care Home Manager, Pratt House

Richard Hodgkinson - Maintenance Manager

Westall House would like to recognise – Richard Hodgkinson – Maintenance Manager who is retiring after being at Westall House for 20 years. He is such a wonderful person who supports all the staff and residents here at Westall House, he is our true shining star. Richard gives up so much of his own time for Westall House. He will be very much missed by all the staff and residents.

The Friends of Abbeyfield - Abbeyfield Esk Moors Lodge

The Friends of Abbeyfield who have always done a fantastic job of supporting the residents and were instrumental in creating the vision of Esk Moors Lodge and then tirelessly raising money to build the place. Sadly with most of them now being a lot older and with Covid it has been decided that the Friends will be closing down. They will still try to volunteer some time individually ad hoc if and when things fully get back to normal. Here at Esk Moors both the staff and the residents would love to pay tribute to them all.

Staff at The Firs Complex

I would like to recognise all the staff at The Firs Complex in Sherwood. They inspire me daily with their kindness, hard work and dedication – they regularly go the extra mile for our customers. They share their creative talents with our customers – through knit and knatter, decorating the scheme and planning a colourful garden. They create a feeling of love, security and belonging for all our staff, residents and families on the scheme.

Jane Richmond
Leasehold Manager

Jo Flew – Night Senior

Jo is so caring at night, she gives me reassurance and answers all my questions, she makes me so comfortable in bed – She is an exceptional person.

Resident, Westall House

Sarah Ashton – Support Worker

Always so helpful. Kind, cheerful and can’t do enough for us, goes above and beyond all the time.

Ron and John
Residents, Westall House

Mark Line - Maintenance

Mark joined the Maintenance team in the midst of the covid pandemic with responsibility for the Speedwell Court garden. Mark is one of our Speedwell Stars for his creativity with the new garden projects, supporting and passing on his enthusiasm to Residents to renew their gardening interests.

Deborah Holmes
Customer Relations Manager, Speedwell Court

Diane Browning - Housekeeping

Diane has been a stalwart of the Housekeeping team, covering as head of housekeeping throughout the initial lock down period and enabling Speedwell Court to retain its covid safety. Diane is an Angel as she not only supports us at Speedwell Court, but also her daughter through a difficult time.

Deborah Holmes
Customer Relations Manager, Speedwell Court

Lisa McNamara - Activities Coordinator

Lisa has been a staff member here at Bramhall for 8 years. Lisa is Abbeyfield’s Angel. She brightens up the day with her lovely personality! Lisa always goes that extra mile for the residents and her colleagues.

Collette Adderley
Registered Manager, Abbeyfield House Bramhall

Bernice Goldstein - Sheltered Housing Manager – North

Bernice can always be relied upon to get the job done! When I visited her schemes during 2021 the residents had nothing but wonderful words for Bernice that I sincerely echo. Her calm and composed approach to her work result in happy houses for our residents. Thank you so much for your hard work, Bernice.

Tammy Davis
Regional Operations Manager (Housing)

Patricia Hopcroft -Sheltered Housing Manager – North

Tricia has been covering four houses during 2021 and makes it look effortless. She is always there for her colleagues and I know they feel, like I do, that we wouldn’t achieve what we do without her. Thank you for everything you do, Trish, from everybody in the North East Team.

Clive Walker - Sheltered Housing Manager – North

Clive only started with Abbeyfield in August, but he walked straight into some very challenging situations in the schemes that he manages – it’s been a rollercoaster of events! Clive’s approach is always composed and measured bringing a sense of security and stability to his schemes. I would like to recognise his achievements in the last few months and say welcome to Abbeyfield. Thanks, Clive, here is to 2022!

Tammy Davis
Regional Operations Manager (Housing)

Jane Richmond - Leasehold Manager – North

Jane started with Abbeyfield in the summer and was in at the deep end from day one. Nothing phases her and she is a fabulous addition to the team at The Firs Complex who all have great things to say about her too. It’s so good to know that I passed on the reins to someone who cares as much about the residents and the team as I do. Welcome to Abbeyfield, Jane, thank you for everything you do.

Tammy Davis
Regional Operations Manager (Housing)

Joe Lavery - Paralegal

Throughout 2021 I have on a number of occasions worked with Joe. We have had some complex cases and Joe has made himself available sometime with very little notice. He takes time to consider my thoughts and concerns and then we discuss the legal implication and together we come up with a plan on the best way forward. I know the team in the West Region are most grateful to Jo for his support, diligence, commitment and guidance.

Donna Westwood
Business Manager (West Region) Midlands and Northants