Meet Suzanne, Admin Secretary at Abbeyfield Knutsford Society. Originally from Denmark, Suzanne moved to the UK after studying for a law degree. Having been part of life at Abbeyfield House, Knutsford for just over 10 years, Suzanne is a familiar face to residents current and new.

We caught up with Susanne to ask her what it’s like at Abbeyfield House, Knutsfield at Christmas.

What’s a typical day at Abbeyfield Knutsford like for you?

“Every working day is different, it all depends on who calls the house, who is visiting each day or what help the residents need. I spend a lot of my time replying to enquiries from prospective residents and their family members. I manage the process of attracting new residents to our house from initial contact, to completing the documents needed for moving in. I love the variety that the job provides and that I get to socialise with our lovely residents.”

What is the atmosphere at the house like around Christmas? How will this year differ?

“Early December the decorations begin to appear around the house, and everyone is cheered by the sense of anticipation. Staff and residents exchange cards and the festive food is prepared.

“Christmas will be different this year because the usual activities won’t be able to happen. There will be no residents’ Christmas party arranged by the Friends of Abbeyfield and no carol singing by the children from the school across the road. We normally have a big party the first weekend after New Year for the residents and their families, but this too is sadly cancelled.

“There will, however, be a Christmas lunch for all the residents and our small staff a few days before Christmas. The residents are also invited to watch an online theatre performance!”

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Dean’s delicious Christmas lunch and his Christmas cake full of Christmas spirit!

What’s your favourite Abbeyfield Christmas memory?

“My favourite Abbeyfield Christmas memory is of all the residents, staff and volunteers packed into the dining room with party hats on, eating the delicious Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. This is a long-standing tradition, which is lovely because it brings us all closer together as an Abbeyfield family.”

Name one gift you’ll never forget receiving:

“The best gift that I have ever received was a box full of goodies from my home country that my sister sent me one year when I couldn’t go there. I treasured every item in that.”

Name three words that best describe Christmas for you:

"Light, Life and Love."

Finish this thought, “The true meaning of Christmas is…

…a celebration of the greatest gift ever given, in the form of Jesus Christ.”