"My dear friends, this is your hour.

"This is not victory of a party or of any class.

"It’s a victory of the great British nation as a whole."

- Winston Churchill

Last Friday, Abbeyfield houses and homes across the country celebrated and commemorated the 75th anniversary of VE day. Adorning their homes in red, white and blue our residents and staff enjoyed sharing stories, listening to songs from the past and tucking in to familiar foods like spam fritters and scones.

It was a day filled with smiles as the sun shone down over the UK. 

Union Jacks galore at Esk Moors Lodge

Even the food had Union Jacks at Westall House

Can't beat a good slice of cake...or two

Enjoying VE Day in the sun at Cove House

Stories were shared at Bramhall

Abbeyfield Darlington went the extra mile

Smiles and memories at Abbeyfield Ulverston

100 year old Kathy enjoying VE Day at Alexander House

Afternoon tea and themed dress code were on order at Bolton Lodge

Beautiful decorations at Loveday House

Tea for two at Westall House

Waving flags at Cove House

Why do we celebrate VE Day?

VE Day falls on 8 May as that date marked the end of World War Two in Europe, meaning that this year is the 75th anniversary of the important date. After Adolf Hitler died, his successor Karl Donitz authorised Germany’s surrender, and 50,000 people descended upon Piccadilly Circus to wave flags, dance and sing in the street.The day was declared a national holiday from then onwards.

Joyce Frost

Joyce Frost, Abbeyfield resident at Hale Court said, “When the end of WWII was announced I was in Liverpool on the beach at Blundellsands. As soon as we heard the news we rushed into the pub and celebrated." 

Having served as a WREN at Bletchley, cracking German enigma codes throughout the war, Joyce was one of hundreds of women to play a vital part in the war effort.

"It wasn’t until 1974 when I could finally tell my husband of my job during the war. It was safe to say he was shocked when I told him I was cracking German enigma codes.”

You can read Joyce's story here and see more of the celebrations across Abbeyfield on our Facebook page