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Love a crossword? Maybe you’re a fan of Sudoku? We've got you covered!

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Online Sudoku

Sudoku is a logic based puzzle in which you must place numbers one to nine into a grid consisting of nine squares in a way that each number only appears once in each horizontal line, vertical line and square. It’s not as complicated as it sounds!

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Online Crosswords

As well as the enjoyment of filling in all those small squares, crosswords are a great way to pass time. Researchers have found that solving crosswords regularly can “improve memory and brain function”. Give it a go!

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Online Jigsaw Puzzles

What better than making a cup of tea, grabbing the biscuits and sitting down to a good old jigsaw! Well now you can do it online too! They're excellent pastimes to play alone or with friends. Assembling puzzles improve our focus and short-term memory, and they're fun ways to de-stress. Why not play and customize your jigsaws from any image online?


Riddles keep your mind stimulated and challenge your normal way of thinking, therefore exercising your mind. Here are some riddles to get you started! Click to reveal the answers. 


Q: You can find me in Mercury, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, but not Venus or Neptune. What am I?

A: The letter 'R'


Q: You can hold me close to your heart without using your hands or your arms. What am I?

A: Your breath

Q: I travel the world, yet never leave the corner. What am I?

A: A postage stamp

Q: They say that I’m golden, but that if you so much as whisper my name, I disappear. What am I?

A: Silence

Our Activity Pack

Did you know we have our own activity pack filled with printable puzzles like the above? There's also an activity bingo! Cross the activities off as you go. 

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Our Activity Pack Image