Make you own stencilled mono print heart this Valentine's

This year, Vicki Gillow takes you through a series of simple steps to make your own stunning valentine mono prints. These are one off prints that are quick and easy and you can use any colours you like on white paper. Of course, red is traditional for love, but people send different coloured hearts for different reasons. For example a blue heart can mean support, admiration, happiness and love, a yellow heart means friendship, a green can be sent on St Patrick’s day.

With a background in fine art, a Bachelor of Arts with Honours and history as an Art teacher, Vicki takes great pleasure in utilising her skills to create easy to do activities for both our residents and older people throughout local communities.


I'm very passionate about helping people connect with their communities, enhance their skills and learn something new. It's a privilege to be able to help with the design of community spaces and maintain engagement with community partners for new developments.                        — Vicki Gillow, Community Engagement Manager (West)

To make your mono print heart, you will need to follow Vicki's simple instructions using the following materials.

Materials you will need: 

  • Paper for stencil (copy paper, or a doily if you like the pattern)
  • One small tube of printing ink or acrylic (vascular/heavy bodied paint)
  • A smooth surface/printing plate (an old tray, perspex or glass)
  • A square brush or print roller

Watch this video or follow the method below:


1. Prepare stencil/s by cutting a heart out of copy paper, or out of a doily (if you would like a lacey design)

2. Prepare the printing area. Squeeze a little printing ink or acrylic paint (toothpaste size) onto the top/middle of the printing area (flat plastic/perspex/glass – called the printing plate)

3. Roll or brush out the square of ink (the coverage should be even and not sticky)

4. Place the stencil (heart etc.) on inked area

5. Carefully place a clean piece of paper onto the printing ink.  Do not apply pressure yet.

6. Once you are happy that the paper is in the right place, carefully apply pressure with your clean hands to the back of the paper, pressing evenly across like a printing roller or printing press

7. Gently peel off the mono print and you're done!

Top tip: As this activity is quick and easy, the plate can be inked again and again for multiple mono prints. Have multiple shapes/hearts ready so you can create a range of prints throughout the year!


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