Keeping calm for Camelford

Volunteer Leandra has been extremely busy helping with residents’ shopping, collecting their prescriptions and running activities so that residents can enjoy the sunshine in their garden.

Abbeyfield’s volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation and they come from all walks of life. Some of our houses in the South-West have benefited from some incredible volunteers who have come forward to help us through the pandemic.

At Abbeyfield House in Camelford, Leandra Hawken has been extremely busy helping with day-to-day tasks. Not only has she been doing all the residents’ shopping and collecting their prescriptions, but she is also organising and running activities so that residents can enjoy the sunshine in their garden. What’s more, she has even convinced her mother to volunteer with her once the pandemic is over!

Leandra said,

Sometimes we don’t have to look very far from the tree and we can turn to our own staff’s families to help out. Lyn Orders, one of our Business Support Coordinators, has recruited her husband and son, Martin and Jack, have delivered food collected to houses around Falmouth and St. Austell, while also taking the time to move furniture for those looking for a respite stay, and even fixing the WiFi.

Meanwhile, two young General Assistants at Falmouth also deserve a special mention. Although not officially volunteers, 17-year-olds Elly Orders and George Sewell have been performing all sorts of odd jobs including clearing and cleaning rooms, driving to make collections, covering for other staff who are self-isolating and moving furniture in and out of rooms.

Senior House Manager, Linda Harley, said, "They have done really well for us and literally never refused anything asked of them".

It’s a real tribute to what can be achieved when we all come together.

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