Mandeep chatting to female resident

It’s hard not to smile when you first meet Mandeep, his enthusiasm and positive personality is infectious. And it’s because of this that Mandeep has recently won an Abbeyfield ‘Making Time Award’ for ‘Most Support Given to a Resident’.

It was in fact the daughter of one of our residents at Jim Gillespie House who nominated Mandeep, she said: 

“I want to nominate Mandeep because of all the people who have supported my mother, and therefore me as her primary carer, it is Mandeep who has provided her with the most comforting care. 

“My mother’s life has been enriched by Mandeep’s easy smile, kindness and good nature. He is patient, considerate and full of joy. 

“Mum has always taken pride in her appearance and it meant a great deal to her that Mandeep would help choose the clothes she wore day after day. I can remember bringing a suitcase of her clothes to the home and Mandeep went through the entire set helping her decide which she wanted to keep.

“And it’s not just my mother Mandeep has helped; he involves himself in helping all of the residents have fun and live their life to the full.”

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mandeep on his achievement and success is his role at Abbeyfield. It is people like Mandeep who make Abbeyfield a truly wonderful place to live.

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Making Time Awards

The Making Time Awards are run by Abbeyfield and awarded to outstanding members of the Abbeyfield family. Nominations are collected throughout the year from residents, staff and family members. After a rigorous judging process our winners are selected and presented with a certificate and trophy to congratulate them on their win.