"When the person you are caring for smiles at you the second you walk through the door, it makes all the challenges worth it and you will know you are making someone feel truly valued."

Finding fulfillment in care

As Emma approaches her one year anniversary of working not only at Abbeyfield, but in care, she reflects on how she got started in the sector and how it's brought unexpected sense of joy and fulfilment in her life. "I wasn’t sure care was for me but, as time went on I could clearly see that I loved every minute! It's such a rewarding job and I could not ask for a better care team to work alongside." 

Tell us a bit about yourself

"I have been part of the team at Cunningham House for 11 months working as a Care Assistant in the dementia unit. My one year anniversary is just around the corner on March 22.

"When I left school I had my mind set on being a midwife, but having done a bit of research I decided it wasn't quite right for me. That's when I looked into the care sector. With Cunningham House being local to where I live, it was the perfect place to get started in my career, and I've loved every minute since. 

"I've just applied for my NVQ Level 3 as I want to expand my knowledge and hope it'll help me progress into management. My goal is to one day become a Care Team Leader."

What drew you to a career in care?

"Working in the care sector is an incredibly rewarding job, which is not only one of the reasons I decided to pursue a career in, but one of the reasons why I know it's right for me. 

"Without realising it, everyday you discover you are making a difference in someone's life. Being a carer can be challenging for a number of reasons, but when the person you are caring for smiles at you the second you walk through the door, or begins to open up to you over a morning cup of tea, it makes all the challenges worth it and you will know you are making someone feel truly valued."

What do you enjoy most about your role at Cunningham House?

"What I love most about working at Cunningham House is my work, my colleagues and the residents. As strange as it sounds, we are like one big family. And quite frankly, I wouldn't have it any other way!" 

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

"My most memorable moment was Christmas Day 2021. This was my first Christmas working at Cunningham House and in the care sector. The day was filled with emotion, lots of smiles and happy tears. The whole day could be summed up in three words: joy, fun and laughter! 

"I'm so glad I got to experience it and I truly cannot wait for many more Christmases at the house."

What would you say to someone who might be considering a career in care?

"If you are interested in joining the care sector I would suggest making sure you are truly dedicated. As I mentioned earlier, everyday is different and you can face many obstacles. 

"You must be willing and dedicated to handle any task in a professional, timely and caring manner. You need passion. By this I mean you simply must have a passion for helping those in need - this makes the real difference.

"And finally, you need to have a friendly, approachable nature. When residents are struggling, are sad or feeling withdrawn having a friendly presence is vital to ensure they feel happy and safe."


We want to take this time to thank Emma for an amazing year with Cunningham House and wish her well in her NVQ Level 3. Care Home Manager, Mel, said of Emma, "Emma is doing and will do extremely well, and I have no doubt that she will develop towards management in no time! Keep up the good work Emma."

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