Earlier this year, we asked our residents, staff, volunteers and family members and friends across the country to submit creative writing entries based on the theme of togetherness.

Each year at Abbeyfield, we hold a week where we celebrate our organisation by taking part in activities. Our theme this year was togetherness and the pieces in this book were a reflection of our theme. 

We're so are proud to share the finished book with you which includes a special compilation of the pieces we received. We were overwhelmed by the pieces that were sent in, many of them moving and humorous, demonstrating how our entire Abbeyfield Family is united by the values of community, friendship and positivity that are so important at present.

We've popped a few below ('Togetherness' by Betty P, resident of Speedwell Court and 'Lockdown' by Yvonne, resident of Hale Court) for you to read. You can download the book here or by clicking the cover below – we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

Togetherness by Betty

A member of staff gave me
a great big hug! Then I was
offered a cup of tea,

I thought to myself, this must
be the place for me!

It is filled with kindness andglee,
To participate in activities, and
with good company.

Togetherness by Betty Image
Togetherness by Betty Image

Lockdown by Yvonne

Abbeyfield in isolation
Loneliness and dire frustration
No more fun and visitation
Coughs and sneezes spread infection
Two metres distance regulation
Washing hands for sanitation
Wear a mask on transportation
And in caring situations
Virtual hugs – poor imitation
We must fulfil our obligation
And soon return to normalisation
Hallelujah, jubilation!

Lockdown by Yvonne Image
Lockdown by Yvonne Image

The benefits of writing

  • Writing is a great benefit for your mental health, you could write about life experiences or something fictional – let your imagination run wild
  • Being creative develops your imagination and helps to strengthen your mind
  • Once your start writing, you may awaken old memories that you would love to share with others or bring to life for your own reading
  • Putting your thoughts and ideas into a story can help with stress, rather than having lots on your mind, you can release the tension and write it all down. Many people find this quite therapeutic