Wondering if retirement living is the right choice for you? We've listed some reasons to choose retirement living as your home in your later years. 

Care-free living 

Retirement living means you can have all the freedom to enjoy the things you love doing without having to worry about maintaining your own house. You'll have lots of free time whilst someone else takes care of the cooking, cleaning and gardening.

But, if these are things you enjoy doing, you can continue to do so. The benefit of retirement living is you pick what, when and how much you do.

You become part of a community

By moving into a retirement home, it's likely you will meet others with similar interests to you. You'll be able to make new friends, socialise and pursue new hobbies. At Abbeyfield, we take pride in recognising and adopting a real sense of community. 

Socialise and make new friends

Being part of a community comes making new friends. You may meet someone who becomes a friend for life, someone who is like-minded or someone who wants to start learning something new with you.

At our homes, residents often come together at meal times to share stories, enjoy good food and socialise. We also hold a range of activities in our homes providing great opportunities for you to bond with others; and at the end of the day, there’s always someone there.

Feel safe and secure

Having the reassurance that you're safe and secure in your home is important to both you and your loved ones. Our houses and homes always have people on hand to help should you ever need it, giving you great peace of mind.

Enjoy the available amenities 

Many of our houses and homes offer desirable amenities such as movie rooms, activity areas, sensory rooms, communal living spaces and more. As a resident, you'll be able to take full advantage of the available amenities at your house or home, whenever you like. 

Search for your perfect retirement home

Everyone is welcome at an Abbeyfield retirement home. Wherever you find us, you’ll find we’re warm, open and friendly. Abbeyfield is more than a retirement home, it’s a neighbourhood, a community, a family.

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