Stay connected

There are so many ways to stay in touch with new gadgets coming to the market everyday. We've chosen a few of our favourites below.

Mobile phones Image

Mobile phones

Did you know the first hand-held mobile phone was invented in 1973?!

Fast forward 47 years and we have phones that can do almost anything, who would have thought that a small hand held device would eventually hold thousands of songs and photos and give us the ability to search the worldwide web.

Like anything else, phones come in all shapes and sizes, they can be as basic or as complex as you wish. One very popular feature that is very well used at the moment is video calling – why not schedule a regular call with your friends and family? Get your glad rags on, pour your favourite drink and enjoy a virtual get-together!

Tablets Image


These slimline devices are perfect for browsing the internet, sending emails and even watching one of your favourite films! They are so light that you can take them almost anywhere, and most have very similar features to a desktop computer or laptop.

Another beauty of the tablet or iPad is that they have a large display, which is ideal for viewing photos or doing some online shopping. With thousands of apps to download you can really make your device personal to you.

Amazon Dot Image

Amazon Dot

"Alexa… what’s the weather forecast today?"

This handy little dot can tell you pretty much anything! It has handy tips and information, fun facts, weather forecasts, sports scores, music, stories, quizzes and lots more! Alexa is a fun little companion to have nearby.

FitBit Image


If you like to keep fit and enjoy keeping track of what exercise you are doing, the fit bit is a great little gadget. You wear it like a watch to keep track of the distance you walk and the calories you burn and take in. Some can also monitor your heart rate and sleep patterns.

What if I don’t do much walking?

You will be quite surprised at how many steps you take in a day, even just around your home. It is ideal to keep you motivated to walk that little bit further each day, set yourself a challenge or maybe even inspire you take up a new activity such as jogging or cycling.

Kindle Image


Who doesn’t enjoy spending time cozying up with a good book or sitting in the sunshine embarking on the adventures of an award winning novel.

A Kindle gives you the opportunity to have thousands of books right at your fingertips. You can instantly download a book of your choice right from the comfort of your own home.