Abbeyfield houses and homes up and down the country have been welcoming in new faces with a difference as they participated in the inaugural Abbeyfield Scarecrow Challenge.

The competition encouraged residents, staff and volunteers to create a scarecrow with a famous or friendly face, to show off their creative flair.

We had a great number of entries to help to put our houses and homes on the map. Many scarecrows have attracted the attention of passers-by. As the weather grows colder, the scarecrows will serve as a reminder of the warm, friendly environment that Abbeyfield provides.

Entries included scarecrows in the guise of real-life celebrities Marilyn Monroe, Elton John and the Beatles, whilst fictional characters Bob the Builder, Sonic the Hedgehog and Del-Boy, Rodney and Uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses (complete with Reliant Robin) also made an appearance.

There are winners in four categories:

Most Humorous Scarecrow - Abbeyfield House, Ivybridge

Abbeyfield House, Ivybridge brought a bit of Hollywood glamour to everyday life. Marilyn Monroe is seen here washing the car!




Best Film Depiction - Jim Gillespie House

Jim Gillespie House showed us there's no place like home with their Wizard of Oz-inspired creations, brining Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Lion and, of course, the Scarecrow to life.




Best TV Show Depiction - Abbeyfield House, Wendover

The Old Vicarage showed they were no plonkers by creating the Only Fools and Horses' Trotter family out of straw, complete with their faithful three-wheeler.




Most Original Scarecrow - The Old Vicarage

Top marks for the arresting developments at The Old Vicarage, where an attempted burglary was fooled by an eagle-eyed copper - thanks for keeping our residents safe!






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