Tesco gives Abbeyfield a trolley load of support

They’re known for giving a little extra, but retailer Tesco has stepped in with a trolley-load of support to help older people living alone at Christmas.

They’re known for giving a little extra, but retailer Tesco has stepped in with a trolley-load of support to help older people living alone at Christmas. 

The retailer has given food donations from its stores across Norfolk, Cambridge, Suffolk to The Abbeyfield Society for Christmas meals and celebrations that will bring together isolated and vulnerable older people during the festive season.  

Tesco’s food donations will be used by Abbeyfield houses and homes in Christmas parties, celebrations and for Christmas Lunch itself as part of Abbeyfield’s annual Companionship at Christmas campaign which combats social isolation by giving older people an alternative to spending the Christmas period alone. 

Tesco gives food to Abbeyfield for Christmas

Alastair Mulvie, director of fundraising at Abbeyfield said: “We are incredibly grateful to Tesco for their generosity which will help us make a very real difference to older people who are sadly alone this Christmas. 

“Food is such a big part of the Christmas experience. And sharing good food in the company of others is a joy sadly denied to so many. Abbeyfield’s Companionship at Christmas campaign puts sharing food in the company of others back on the festive menu for older people who would otherwise face spending Christmas alone.”

Kevin Chestnutt, Tesco’s Area Manager in East England, said: “We know how important it is to spend time with friends and family at Christmas and we’re delighted to be supporting Abbeyfield as they bring people together to enjoy good food and great company. We donate surplus food from our stores every single day to local community groups through our Community Food Connection scheme and we’re excited to be able to provide a little extra help this Christmas for Abbeyfield.”

Companionship at Christmas has offered a lifeline of warmth and friendship to thousands of older people at Christmas. 

The campaign sees Abbeyfield houses and homes across the country open up their doors to offer free overnight stays, meals and entertainment in the build up to Christmas and beyond.


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