How lucky are we?! Being so well supported from a wide range of companies and businesses during these difficult times we have been faced with recently. The generosity shown to Abbeyfield has been overwhelming and has led to many new and fun activities for the residents.

The 482 puzzles donated by The Happy Puzzle Company have made a great difference in the boosting of morale and have really helped to motivate the residents and keep them entertained.

Learning new skills Image

Learning new skills

Our residents across Abbeyfield have really enjoyed using, or in some cases, learning to use the Amazon Fire Tablets donated by Palace Gate. The tablets have been a real comfort for them, as they have been able to contact family and friends, play games and be faced with new, exciting challenges of technology, keeping them in touch with the modern world.

We Care UK kindly donated 5 Alexa’s to Abbeyfield. These have proved to be a source of amusement as many residents have asked several random questions and take enjoyment from hearing the joke of the day.

Learning new skills Image

Harper Collins have donated a wide selection of 5,400 books. This has been a fantastic source of enjoyment for our residents of Abbeyfield, as many enjoy a good read. Similarly, the puzzle books donated by Costco have been very popular as they are great for stimulating the mind.

200 packs of cards have been sent to Abbeyfield houses and homes across the country by Caesar’s UK Casino. Games such as bridge, rummy, snap and solitaire have been brought back to the homes and it is great to see friendships building as residents compete alongside each other.

The staff were delighted to be included in the gifts that Abbeyfield have received and thanks to Neal’s Yard Remedies for being so thoughtful in thinking of them and offering some pampering luxuries.

Many thanks to all the companies who have donated to Abbeyfield, we are thrilled to have received all your gifts, and feel we have been extremely fortunate!

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