Abbeyfield New Zealand

Abbeyfield was introduced to New Zealand in 1991 by Wakefield GP Dr Ted Bassett, who had encountered Abbeyfield on a visit to the UK to explore retirement accommodation models. On his return, Dr Bassett recruited a small energetic group of supporters and Abbeyfield New Zealand was born.

Abbeyfield New Zealand Incorporated was first established as a charitable organisation in 1992. While Abbeyfield NZ operates autonomously, being part of an international network strengthens our work here, giving us access to information and a wide range of operational experience.

Living at an Abbeyfield New Zealand house is like being part of a big family. You can enjoy the companionship of other residents, but still live your own life. You’ll be respected and valued and can relax knowing you don’t have to worry about managing a household, or planning and preparing meals.

Each of our 14 houses are well-designed and located close to shops and other amenities. You’ll have your own private studio room with ensuite, which you can furnish as you wish.

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Abbeyfield Australia Society Image

Abbeyfield Australia Society

Abbeyfield provides affordable housing for older people and people with disabilities who wish to live independently within a supportive environment.

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Abbeyfield Canada Society

Canada joined Abbeyfield International in 1985 and remains committed to the Abbeyfield ideals first articulated by the founder Major Richard Carr-Gomm.

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Abbeyfield South Africa Society

We envision a South Africa where all older persons have equal access to accommodation and care that is affordable and promotes quality of life, protection, development and participation.