Dementia Friendly Care Homes

Abbeyfield’s Dementia Friendly Care Homes have been specially designed to help support residents living with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other forms of memory loss. Our local homes across the UK offer the same high quality support you’ll find in our residential care homes but with extra support for those senior adults living with dementia.

The Resident Experience

We understand that dementia affects each of our residents differently so we tailor our support in Abbeyfield’s dementia friendly care homes to suit each person by finding out what they enjoy doing or get pleasure from, we can ensure they’re occupied, engaged and interested in activities that are meaningful and fulfilling. It is through these personal connections between our staff and residents that help maintain relationships, identity and individuality so an enriched quality of life can be enjoyed. Our staff are trained to value the individual’s needs and preferences and care for them in a safe and secure environment.

Safety & Quality Assurance

Our Dementia Friendly Care Homes are registered and regulated with the relevant care inspectorates and regulatory bodies. All our homes are also subject to continual internal monitoring and assessment, assuring the highest possible standards of care and accommodation.

Personalised Dementia Care

Moving into an Abbeyfield home starts with a personalised assessment of dementia needs. We meet every resident and, where possible, family members before the resident moves in to define what level of care and service is most appropriate.

How Dementia Friendly Care Homes are Different

  • 1-2-1 tailored care specific to each resident
  • Specially designed layouts of each home
  • Carefully considered activities appropriate to stimulate residents e.g. Tovertafel
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff team
  • Bespoke meals for residents who have additional nutritional needs
  • Purpose-designed furniture around the homes

What is a Dementia Friendly Care Home?

A Dementia Friendly Care Home is similar to a Residential Care Home in that it has private rooms and 24/7 care available but with extra specialised support for those living with dementia in the facility. The homes have been designed to help support residents living with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other forms of memory loss.

Careline and 24/7 on-site qualified care staff

All meals and dietary needs catered for in a dining room

Personalised care plan to meet resident needs

Activities designed to stimulate those with dementia

Specialist furniture to facilitate complex care needs


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How much does a Dementia Friendly Care Home cost?

The costs for our Dementia Friendly Care Homes are based upon a care assessment before you move in. Get in touch with one of our Registered Home Managers to discuss more.

Can anyone live in a Dementia Friendly Care Home?

Dementia Friendly Care Homes are designed to offer personalised and tailored care to those with dementia, Alzheimer's and other memory loss conditions. At an Abbeyfield Dementia Friendly Care Home we ensure all of your needs are met by delivering professional, friendly care by our dedicated teams of caring staff.

Difference between a Dementia Friendly Care Home and a Nursing Home?

There are several differences between care homes, dementia friendly homes and nursing homes. Each type of home provides accommodation, supervision from staff, meals and help with personal care needs, but nursing homes also have registered nurses on duty at all times.

How to apply for a Dementia Friendly Care Home?

To apply to live in one of our Dementia Friendly Care Homes just fill in one of our simple enquiry forms or call your chosen home. The Registered Manager can help you from here.

Where are Abbeyfield’s Dementia Friendly Care Home locations?

We have 91 Dementia Friendly throughout England. From Devon all the way to The Wirral.