COVID-19 (coronavirus) has forced many of us into moving our desks into our own home where it can be hard to separate work and home life.

Some may find it difficult to maintain the same productivity they have whilst at work, so here are a few things you can do to try to work from home efficiently and maintain productivity.

   1. Get out of those pyjamas!

Getting dressed is important for you to feel in 'work mode'. It gets you into the right head space to work and as a bonus, you'll be prepared for any emergency meetings via video call. 

   2. Get organised, set a routine and stick to it

If it's not just you working from home make sure you agree one work space for yourself and one for others if they need a space – and stick to it! It's important that you do not take your work all around the house as it's supposed to be a relaxing space, so try to keep it to one area. Ideally, with a desk and a chair that will support your back.

  3. Look after yourself and each other

Make each other a nice warm (or cold) drink, ensure you're taking a full break. Don't forget to keep eating well, and don't give in to that biscuit tin...too much!

  4. Try to get support if you have young children  

It can be even harder to work from home with little ones running around. As nice as it may be to be around them more often, it can make it more difficult to focus on our work. So, if you can try to get some support from a child minder or family and friends. 

  5. Put something on in the background

Working at home can sometimes be too quiet. If you find yourself loosing focus, put on a tv series, podcast or the radio in the background. You'll be surprised how much difference a little background noise can make.  

  6. Don't work over your usual hours

Being at home makes it much easier to work over your usual hours, but it's so important you do not overwork yourself and still have and evening/weekend. 

  7. Keep in touch

Don't loose contact with your colleagues and make sure you keep in touch with loved ones, by text, phone or video call. It's important for you to keep socialising.  

  8. Keep active 

Make sure you're staying healthy by working out at home if you can't go to he gym, there are plenty of home workout DVDs and YouTube videos to help you make the best of a home work out. 

  9. Communication is key

Make sure you communicate with your family and those you live with so that they know when you're about to take a call or join a meeting and can be quiet.  

  10. Go outside

Yes even if it's just in the garden, it can really lift your mood and the fresh air will do wonders for your mental health. 


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