Try these Spook-tacularly Sustainable Crafts

Halloween is just around the corner, and while it's a time for spooky fun and creativity, it's also essential to think about the environmental impact of our celebrations. This year, try some eco-friendly Halloween crafts that not only reduce waste but also add a touch of sustainability to your festivities.

Here are five easy and fun eco-friendly Halloween craft ideas to get you started:

Toilet Paper Pals

With a simple yet creative twist, you can turn empty toilet paper rolls into adorable Halloween ghouls! This craft not only repurposes a common household item but also prevents it from ending up in the landfill.


Materials: Empty toilet paper rolls, old fabric, markers or natural paint, miscellaneous household items (i.e. buttons, pom poms, fabric scraps, leftover foil etc.), adhesive (we recommend using casein glue, which you can make from kitchen supplies but any craft glue you have to hand will work) 


Instructions (to create a Mummy)

    1. Wrap each toilet paper roll with old clothing/white fabric, securing it with glue.
    2. Attach something for the eyes (i.e. buttons) and paint or draw a spooky mouth, and voila! You have your very own mummy.
    3. Get creative and make different monsters with other colours and scraps, too.
Toilet Paper Pals Image
Toilet Paper Pals Image
Spook-tacular Wreaths Image

Spook-tacular Wreaths

Halloween wreaths are a fantastic way to add a festive touch to your home's decor. Instead of buying one pre-made from the store, create your own using natural, eco-friendly materials.


Materials: Twigs, leaves, pinecones, old fabric scraps, a cardboard base (from an old delivery or cereal box), twine, glue (we recommend using casein glue), and miscellaneous household items to use as decorations.



    1. Start by collecting twigs, leaves, and pinecones from your yard or a local park. These will form the base of your wreath.
    2. Attach them to a circular cardboard base using twine or glue.
    3. Decorate your wreath with spooky elements and old fabric scraps for an eco-friendly, bewitching display.
Spook-tacular Wreaths Image

Paint a Pumpkin

Carving pumpkins is a popular Halloween tradition, but it can be messy and generate a lot of organic waste. This year, why not opt for painting pumpkins instead? It's a sustainable and family-friendly alternative that offers endless creative possibilities, and with one quick wash, you can still use the pumpkin as food.


Materials: Pumpkins, non-toxic/natural paint, paint brushes, and your imagination



    1. Choose a pumpkin and let your artistic talents shine.
    2. Paint spooky faces, abstract designs, or even famous characters.
    3. Pop your pumpkin on display until you're ready to pop it into a pie! 
Paint a Pumpkin Image
Paint a Pumpkin Image
Bed Sheet Ghouls Image

Bed Sheet Ghouls

Ghosts are a classic Halloween symbol, and you can create your very own friendly or frightening ones with old bed sheets. By reusing bed sheets in this craft, you're making a sustainable choice and reducing textile waste.


Materials: Old bed sheets, wire or wooden sticks or dowels, natural paint or markers, and old string or fishing line



    1. Drape the old bed sheet over a wire or wooden dowel to create the ghost's body.
    2. Use paint or markers to draw a spooky face, and hang your ghostly creation with string or fishing line.
    3. These eerie apparitions make great outdoor decorations and are reusable year after year.
Bed Sheet Ghouls Image

Recycle Spiders

Plastic bottle caps are a common source of environmental pollution. Instead of tossing them, repurpose them into creepy-crawly spider decorations, or if you recycle all your caps, you could use a pebble, or a rock and miscellaneous items from around the house.


Materials: Plastic bottle caps or a pebble/rock, natural/non-toxic black paint, sticks for legs, miscellaneous items for eyes, glue (we recommend using casein glue), and old string



    1. Start by painting the bottle cap/pebble black and allowing it to dry.
    2. Then, attach the eyes and sticks to create legs.
    3. Glue the legs to the bottle caps, and finally, hang your spiders from strings as decorations or ornaments. 
Recycle Spiders Image
Recycle Spiders Image

At Abbeyfield, we will always protect the environment by operating in an environmentally responsible manner. Read our environmental aims and vision to discover how we operate in this manner.


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