Becoming an Abbeyfield trustee

This Q&A brings us Dean, trustee of Abbeyfield Gloucestershire Society. Dean became a trustee at just 25 years old after being inspired by our values and mission. Before joining the house as a volunteer, Dean studied sports development and coaching at University. I was in his third year that he realised he had a strong interest in marketing — which is the key area in which he supports our Gloucestershire society. We asked Dean a few questions to find out more about him, his time on the board and his lifestyle. 

When and how did you start your marketing journey? 

"It was early 2020 that I realised I was interested in marketing. I began enrolling in some courses to learn more about it. Shortly after, I started as a marketing volunteer and when the pandemic hit, I decided that I would spend more time doing it to improve my skills and gain more experience." 

How long have you been a trustee with us? What is involved in your role?

"I started with Abbeyfield in May and became a trustee very shortly after. I work with the team to optimise marketing efforts – the project was to suggest marketing techniques to assist with occupancy at the house. Myself and the team decided to launch a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign to capture the attention of people who were already searching for what we offer. It has been successful, and will continue to be with more time – and ideally a change in circumstances!"

Why did you choose to help Abbeyfield?

"I was inspired by Abbeyfield's mission of alleviating loneliness and enriching the lives of older people. My mum is someone who is in need of help, support and very much relieving loneliness. The thought of helping people in a similar situation as her is very rewarding." 

What do you do for work outside of your role with Abbeyfield?

"I currently work as the Deputy Centre Manager at Hollywood Bowl in Cheltenham. I'm responsible for a number of things including hiring, marketing, in-centre HR, stock management and general reporting. I also work as a Freelance Social Media Coordinator, which keeps me busy!" 

What do you do for fun/in your spare time?

"I really enjoy sport (hence the degree!) but unfortunately COVID-19 hasn't helped with this. I love Ice-Hockey and really enjoy watching the games. I also really enjoy rugby, but my partner supports a different team... which can cause issues! Me and my partner have just moved house, so a lot of our time is taken up by DIY or in the garden at the moment. I've also just started my Master's."

Why should others consider becoming an Abbeyfield trustee?

"Working with Abbeyfield has been really enjoyable, I have been welcomed by all other trustees and I am getting more involved all the time! It makes my spare time much more rewarding and fulfilling. I can't wait to be able to meet everyone in person when the restrictions relax!"