Chairman of Abbeyfield Ribble Valley Society Retires

Dave Morris, who has been a part of Abbeyfield for over fifteen years, now heads into retirement after 7 years as Chairman for Abbeyfield Ribble Valley Society.

Dave Morris, Chair of the Executive Committee at Abbeyfield Ribble Valley Society heads into retirement. 

Dave has been a part of Abbeyfield for over fifteen years, joining shortly after he retired as Chief Executive of Ribble Valley Borough Council. He first joined Abbeyfield Low Moor Extra Care Society, where he was Vice Chair for some years.

Dave was Chairman of the Executive Committee at Abbeyfield Ribble Valley Society from 2013, leading the team through many achievements and playing an important role in representing societies at both local, and regional meetings of The Abbeyfield Society.

Julie Bradbury, Membership Consultant (North) said, "Dave was always interested in the wider Abbeyfield family and attended area and regional events. He was the Area lead and represented the area at Regional Council meetings. His input was always enthusiastic!"

He has been an enthusiastic and energetic leader ensuring that the society continue to achieve their every aim. Over recent months, Dave has found that his health has not been as good as he would like, and he has reluctantly decided to relinquish the role that he has enjoyed over many years.

David Wilson, Treasurer at the society said,


It was great working with Dave as he was always so enthusiastic. Moving furniture for a social event or tackling some of the more complex issues managing the house, you could rely on Dave.  He and I both enjoyed social events where we had a singalong, though I am not sure if the residents would agree!

Dave is hoping to be able to support the house, helping with social activities when we finally return to normality. At that time, Castle View House hope to hold an event to celebrate Dave’s long involvement. Fellow members of the Executive Committee have met and will continue to maintain the Society’s values. They will be looking to recruit new trustees to strengthen the committee and ensure its continued success.

We would like to say a massive thanks to Dave for his service and wish him all the best for the future.


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