Read these top tips to stay connected with your grandparents

Grandparents are the fun parents that bake the best cookies! Most of them have changed nappies and helped out with the school run but as they age, it can get lonelier and become harder to stay in touch. Haberdasher's Boys School share their tips on how to connect with your grandparents.

Video call

Teaching your grandparents how to video call can help you to stay connected by allowing them to visit you at any time from the comfort of their home. Studies show that seeing the faces of friends and family can help to relieve stress and provide comfort to older people. Seeing familiar faces can even help those with dementia, despite that they may not necessarily remember them.

Take time to explore their hobbies

A great way to connect with your grandparents is to take an interest in their hobbies. Find out what their favourite past-time activities are, and you might even find something that you can do together. This can also prepare you for Grandparent’s Day, and which magazine to take with you on your next visit to grandma and grandpa.

Cook together

Depending on their caregiver’s advice, cooking can provide a great bonding opportunity. You can learn more about their tips and tricks in the kitchen and discover family recipes that you can also pass down to future generations.

Start finding out about your family tree

Building a family tree can help you to learn more about your family and how far it extends, all whilst hearing a few stories along the way.

Take a day out

A family day out to a museum or a boat ride on a canal can be refreshing for grandparents and give you a lot to talk about. 

Go on a walk together

Walking can help to improve older people's mood by giving their body the endorphin release it needs, and the exercise they need to stay healthy. It also gives you a good opportunity to talk with plenty of icebreakers around you.

We'd to say thank you to Haberdasher's Boys School for working with us on this guest blog.

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