Community and cultures came together to enjoy a delicious buffet dinner at our Girton Green, independent living house in Cambridge.

Working in partnership with the Abbeyfield Vietnamese Society’s An Lac House, staff hosted an authentic Vietnamese buffet, welcoming residents from both of the Abbeyfield houses as well as over 100 residents and guests from the local community.

On offer was a tasty homemade feast of vegetarian, seafood and meat dishes served alongside freshly prepared rice, noodles, spring rolls and curries. Of course, it was all washed down with a tipple or two and many tasty regional desserts!

As well as a way to bring the community together, the event was held to raise some much needed funds for the Vietnamese house, who are going to be putting money raised towards buying new materials and furniture for the house which will help further enhance the lives of each resident.

Residents at Girton Green enjoying a Vietnamese buffet

Amanda Osborne, Business Manager for the East Region and overall coordinator of the event said "I planted the idea to host an event to bring us together as a family a few months ago. It was a way to share a new cuisine and make new friends too."

"I was totally overwhelmed by the generosity of all the staff who gave their time to support this event," Amanda goes on to say, "the team of Vietnamese chefs made some really delicious food for us to share in the company of the community. We had an amazing turn out from far and wide."

Mai Ward, Chairman of An Lac House said, “We are so grateful to all of the staff at Girton Green for hosting us at their home. We had a wonderful time and the money raised has exceeded our expectation.” 

This special occasion was enjoyed by staff and residents alike. Geoff Burniston, Abbeyfield Girton Green resident and Chairman of the Girton Green Residents Committee added, “For many of us it was our first taste of Vietnamese cuisine!”

“We were very impressed with the variety of delicate flavours. There were so many different dishes served!” Geoff added, “it was a very enjoyable occasion and a great credit to all the staff involved.”

Colin enjoying his Vietnamese dinner

It was truly special to see the staff, residents and community come together to chat, get to know each other and share a meal. Overall, it raised an incredible £3590 to go towards enhancing the lives of the residents at the Vietnamese house.

Thank you to everyone involved for making this event such a triumph.

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