News stories about Care Homes all too often contain scandal and bad headlines. But last week the Abbeyfield Strathgryffe Society, known locally as Campbell Snowdon House, celebrated when they received an excellent Care Inspectorate report which placed them amongst the top 2% of Care Homes in Scotland.

The Care Inspectorate carry out unannounced visits to over 900 Homes every year. Their rigorous inspection covers 4 main areas - the quality of care and support, the quality of the environment, the quality of the staff, and their management and leadership. In every category Campbell Snowdon House excelled, scoring a maximum of 6 across the board. 

"This is a service which seeks best practice standards in all that they do," said the Care Inspectorate Officer. "Management are very proactive in seeking creative and innovatory ways to promote meaningful participation of residents and relatives to ensure each resident is supported to be all that they can be and enjoy their home life. This is a service which is performing at an excellent level."

Jackie Weston, the Care Home Manager, said that she "wants her residents to have a happy experience in a home that doesn’t feel like an institution. Getting to know the residents and their interests and their needs is a top priority." She believes that"when a new resident arrives, he or she should not expect that at this last staging post, it’s downhill all the way. On the contrary, other doors can open, and there are lots of opportunities for new and different activities – concerts, tea dances, a reminiscence group, and visits to local theatre shows."

Jackie has a dedicated team who really care about and involve the people they look after. Again the Care Inspectorate graded their work as excellent – quoting "their care and support, their kindness and warmth, their relationships with the friends and family of the residents are all exemplary." 

The Care Inspectorate’s assessment is confirmed by the residents and their families who are very happy indeed with Campbell Snowdon, its care, and the opportunities provided to make the most of their time there. As Jackie says, she "will do everything possible to enable them to fulfil their dreams. Though she does draw the line at bungee jumping!"

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