Observe this year's Remembrance Day with your own poppy display

The poppy; a symbol of remembrance. Here is your guide to creating your own poppy display, whether you choose collaged poppies to represent a poppy field or choose a single poppy as a beautiful and symbolic reminder of all we remember on November 11th, and throughout the year.

To make your poppy display, you will need to follow Vicki's simple instructions using the following materials.

Materials you will need: 

  • Red tissue paper (orange and pink are optional)
  • Some black tissue paper for the middle of the flower
  • PVA Glue
  • Water
  • An old brush (to use with the glue)
  • Card (can be recycled cereal boxes or shop bought card)
  • Newspaper (optional for those who would like to collage some words about remembrance into their poppy)

Create your poppy display

Watch this video and follow the instructions to create your own. 

1. Using recycled card, make a small pencil mark in the middle where your poppy centre will be.

2. Lightly draw five petal shapes.

3. Take a few words that may mean something to you from newspapers and glue them in the areas your petals will be (the middle is often best).

4. Gently tare five petal shapes out of red tissue (about the same size as your drawn petals or bigger).

5. Use the glue and a little water to paste these onto your card where your petals are mapped out.

6. Use black tissue to indicate the centre, gluing a small bit of black tissue into the middle

7. Use some more PVA Glue and water the layer up the petals – this is the artistic bit! You may choose to add a little pink or orange to the edges.

8. Let it dry the cut out and display!

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