Meet Rowan, one of our dedicated volunteers at Wellington, Somerset.

Rowan has been volunteering for the last 4 years, since he was just 9 years old and has raised hundreds for Abbeyfield by organising raffles and events.

Most recently, Rowan has been making and selling soap, between his school work, for NHS Charities and Abbeyfield and has raised £68 so far.

Rowan has kindly sent us his recipe for soap to share with you all in the hopes it'll inspire you to get creative and start fundraising for a local charity...perhaps even your local Abbeyfield home


1kg Stevenson’s soap melt and pour crystal base

Colourings (not food) 

Fun max soap fragrances 

Silicone ice cube trays or silicone soap dishes

Glitter (optional)

Flowers (optional)


Chop and melt ¼ of the soap base in the microwave.

Make sure soap is in liquid form.

Carefully (as its hot) add colour, glitter, fragrance (optional).

Pour liquid into trays.

Pop on to a baking tray and put into the freezer until soaps are cold.

Remove from moulds and pop back into the freezer until fully hardened.

Thank you Rowan for your continued hard work and innovation as an Abbeyfield volunteer. You are an inspiration!

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