So you’re a student wondering if volunteering is worthwhile?

Volunteering with Abbeyfield offers a range of benefits alongside that feel good factor we all experience when we give our time.


Give back to your local community whilst gaining experience...

Most people choose to volunteer to help others, and the same goes for student volunteers. However, volunteering doesn’t just provide a unique opportunity for you to make a difference to their local community by giving their time. It also gives you chance to develop skills that you can use later in life and throughout your chosen career.

For some, volunteering during college, school or university can be a fast track to employment, an opportunity to upskill or try something new and develop new skills. Volunteering can help you decide which career path is the one for you due to the huge variety of opportunities now available, in a range of different settings.


It’s really rewarding knowing that you’re not only gaining valuable life skills, but also giving back to the local community.                                                                                                                                                – Business student at Cambridge Regional College

Why choose Abbeyfield?

  • You’re enhancing the life of older people – loneliness has been directly related to a decline in health and at Abbeyfield, our mission is to alleviate loneliness in older people. With that in mind, think about the difference you make to someone’s life when you sit and chat for half an hour over a tea or coffee!
  • Learn, learn, learn – in a care or sheltered housing setting you can learn so many skills, and there are many different ways in which you can choose to volunteer. Maybe you’re looking to become a personal trainer or fitness instructor? Run a light exercise class for residents. Looking for a career in administration? Help out in the office. Want to become a care giver? Shadow our carers and support staff to learn the skills you need to take your career forward. Just a few of the life-long skills you could learn working with older people are empathy, communication skills, teamwork, flexibly at work, time management, interpersonal skills and reciprocity. We have an experienced staff team who can show you the ropes!
  • Hear amazing stories – sitting down and chatting with an older person can leave you feeling great, especially when you hear some of the amazing stories they have to share! Stories can really help you to appreciate what you have and what you’re doing, reassuring you that it’s all worthwhile.
  • Raise community awareness – student volunteers make a significant contribution to Abbeyfield and the wider community, especially through the skills and enthusiasm that they bring. IVR research shows that student volunteering can develop community awareness and help others integrate into their local community.
  • Make new friends – volunteering provides a great opportunity to meet people. Whether you become great friends with one of our residents, a fellow volunteer or member of staff, volunteering gives you that opportunity to make new friends – especially if you’re at university in a new town!

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please get in touch with Paul from our volunteering team by email.


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