Discover how to create your own mosaic using ceramic tiles and grout.

Mosaics are a beautiful way to create a photo. Usually found adorning the ceilings of cathedrals with extraordinary details, but also in a simple pattern on a coaster or art displayed on the wall. With practice, you can create a beautiful mosaic all your own.

Community Engagement Manager, Vicki Gillow created these mosaic videos to help you with a pathway through to designing and making a mosaic for your home or garden. The three videos below will take you through each step, so you can use them as a guide when creating your own mosaic. 

Step 1 – Turning your image into a mosaic design

Take a simple design using inspiration from photographs, the garden, things around you, or from a painting you have done, and simplify your image into a mosaic design.

Materials needed: 

  • Paper and coloured pens or pencils
  • Coloured mosaic tiles (you can find these in DIY stores or on Mosaic Heaven)
  • Pebbles, sea glass and shell (optional)

Step 2 – Making a simple mosaic

Begin creating your mosaic using the design drafted in step one. 

Materials needed: 

  • Safety equipment; gloves, mask or visor (goggles)
  • Tile cutter (if cutting tiles)
  • Cement board or plywood (for interior mosaic)
  • China and walls (for interior mosaic)
  • Adhesive (comes in powdered form or already mixed)

Step 3 – Grouting your mosaic 

Finally, finish your mosaic by grouting. 

Materials needed: 

  • Maplin exterior adhesive and grout (for exterior mosaics)
  • Palette knife and or a adhesive grout applicator

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