Rewards and benefits of working at The Abbeyfield Society

We’ve put together an overview of the benefits that are currently available and hope your time with us here at Abbeyfield is both rewarding and enjoyable. Abbeyfield is proud to offer you a range of benefits. We’re always looking for new initiatives to share with you. Why not take a look to view the range of benefits available to you?

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New starters

At Abbeyfield we believe that providing new starters with the right development and guidance during the induction period is essential to quickly achieve the expected level of performance in their role. New starters have 24/7 access to our Abbeyfield Development Academy from the offer stage, including a vast variety of development opportunities. Support from the manager, colleagues and a nominated buddy, is also provided to help the new starter settle into the new role and to understand the new workplace. The induction learning is tailored to the job role responsibilities and requirements and it also includes an introduction to processes, policies and resources applicable within the service and the wider organisation to support personal development.

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Employee Discount Scheme

Benefit Hub offer deals from hundreds of brands, with amazing deals and savings
• Great Savings – ‘real and relevant’ deals offering something for everyone. Savings of up to 60% on hotels, 39% on cinema tickets, 60% on apparel and more
• Brands You Love – thousands of national brands in over 20 categories and 110 subcategories. Nike, Uber, Ticketmaster, Tesco, Cineworld, Apple and more
• Rich Cash Back – over 70% of the offers provide cash back. This can be tracked in the portal for easy access and redeem it at any time
• Local Deals – Smart technology and dynamic maps use geolocation to show ‘deals near you’ for shopping on the go

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Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Provided by Care First, the EAP offers all employees a free personal support system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – just by picking up the phone. The EAP can help you with events like buying a new home, illness, managing money, relationships and raising children. As well as accessing information services you can talk to a qualified counsellor to help you work through your concerns and deal with anxiety and stress.

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Medicash is a cash back scheme for medical expenses. The scheme is provided by Medicash and is fully funded by Abbeyfield. In addition, the Medicash app provides the following:

  • Virtual GP - unlimited access
  • Skin Vision - to check skin spots and moles for early signs of cancer
  • 24/7 health and stress helplines

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Competitive pay

Our hourly rates we pay are highly competitive. Being a ‘not for profit’ charity means we can invest more money in our staff, rather than having to meet profit targets.

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Company pension

Once you have passed your probation, if you wish to join our pension, The Abbeyfield Society will contribute an additional 4% of your salary into a pension fund. And if you wish to increase your contributions, we will match them, up to a maximum of 6%.

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Discounted gym membership and insurance

Provided through our partners Aviva, you could save up to 15% on home, car and travel insurance, and up to 25% on gym membership.

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Cycle to work scheme

This is an affordable way to purchase the equipment necessary to cycle to work, saving up to 40% on the high street value of your bike and accessories.

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Continuous Professional Development

The Abbeyfield Development Academy is our Learning Management System (LMS), that employees can use to equipping ourselves with the right skills and tools we will keep getting better, providing
great customer service.

Recommend a friend and you could get £500! Image

Recommend a friend and you could get £500!

We know that referrals are a fantastic way
to find more people like you. If they are successful and offered the role, once they commence employment with us, provided certain criteria are met, you could receive a £500 salary payment (subject to tax and national insurance deductions)

Holiday pay Image

Holiday pay

We pay above the statutory minimum holiday entitlement for all roles. For full details of your holiday pay entitlement please see your contract of employment and authorised leave policy.

Menopause Friendly Image

Menopause Friendly

We’re committed to being a menopause friendly workplace and have achieved independent accreditation as a menopause friendly organisation.

Interactive pension calculator Image

Interactive pension calculator

Pension Monster is an interactive calculator that not only gives you an
estimate of the income you’ll get when you retire, based on your current pension contributions, circumstances and certain assumptions, but it also encourages you to reflect on whether you should save
more for a more comfortable retirement.

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Training and development

We want everyone to own their own development. We’re committed to
investing in your education, training and development in a variety of ways. As part of your one to one performance conversations and annual appraisal you should discuss your development needs with you line manager. Abbeyfield also has a dedicated study and training policy.

Performance conversations and annual appraisals Image

Performance conversations and annual appraisals

We’re all responsible for our own performance and development. You should expect to have regular one to one conversations with your line manager to chat about how you’re getting on in your job, point you in the right direction and give you the support you might need to do an even better job. Everyone should have an annual appraisal to review your progress over the last year, discuss your development plans and agree your objectives for the year ahead.

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Subsidised eye tests

Staff who use display screen equipment (DSE) for a significant part of their job can get subsidised cost of eye test and glasses.

What it means to our staff to work at Abbeyfield

In addition to our rewards and benefits, the job itself is a reward. Staff at Abbeyfield love their job as every day is different, they can help others, hear many fascinating stories and meet some really interesting people. Watch our video to find out what our house staff enjoy the most. 

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The recruitment process

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Careers in sheltered housing and care

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*Rewards and benefits may vary depending on whether you are employed by The Abbeyfield Society or one of the Membership Societies. Please check with the hiring manager when applying for a role.