Tiverton Society Ltd

The Abbeyfield Tiverton Society is a local charity run by a board of trustees drawn from the community. We provide sheltered accommodation for older people on a non-profit basis and are members of the Abbeyfield Society.

No 2 St Paul’s Square was purchased in 1973 with a generous gift from the late Mrs Duffield. Following extensive renovations, financed entirely by the Housing Corporation, Duffield House was opened on May Day 1976. A bequest in 1980 enabled the society to expand by purchasing No 3, the adjoining property with its attractive walled garden.

In 1991, the house was completely modernised and updated to accommodate the increasing needs and expectations of older people. A lift was installed, and each room was provided with full en-suite facilities.
The third house in the terrace, No 4, was purchased in 2001, and by July 2005 all the accommodation had been renovated and remodelled to further enhance and extend Duffield House.

Contact Details

Name: Tiverton Society

Address: 2-4 St Pauls Square, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 5HZ

Phone number: 01884 252392

Charity number: 265782

Our home

Duffield House

Duffield House, Tiverton, has a warm, caring and welcoming atmosphere. The residents enjoy independence in their apartments and the freedom to come and go as they please. We have accommodation for ten residents, six of whom have separate bedrooms and sitting rooms, with the remaining single rooms being of increased size in keeping with current expectations. All apartments are en-suite with walk-in showers and there are many other appropriate adaptations for older users, including a lift.  We have a charging area for mobility scooters (or storage for bikes).  

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Duffield House Image
Duffield House Image