Tips for settling in to your retirement home

Moving at any time of your life can be a stressful process especially for older people moving into retirement living, downsizing, or moving to a new area.

At Abbeyfield, we want new residents to feel at home as quickly as possible, so we’ve put together a few tips, as suggested by our residents, to help you settle in quickly.

Get to know your fellow residents
Whenever we move one of the most important steps is getting to know our neighbours, the same can be applied when moving into a retirement home. Getting to know those who you now live with or next to is a vital step so that you can settle in to your new home.

Getting to know your fellow residents means if you have a question about your new home or want a buddy to sit with at lunch, then you have an array of new friends at hand.

Get to know your neighbourhood
This is especially important if you’ve moved to a new location. Getting to know your surroundings and local amenities can help you settle in and feel part of your new community.

It might be that you’ve stayed local to where you previously lived so you already have knowledge of the local area. However, moving to a new home can give you a new perspective on your town and uncover new places you’ve never been before.

Get to know more about your new home
Within many Abbeyfield homes there are events and activities happening throughout the week which residents are welcome to join in with. It might be that there are some activities you have never tried which you’d like to take part in, or that you would like to run your own activity, sharing with your fellow residents a hobby you’ve enjoyed in life.

Invite your family and friends round
Introducing your family and friends to your new home is a great way to settle in as it makes your new home, home immediately. Grandchildren love to see Grandma’s new house and settle in alongside you.

Some of our houses and homes have guest rooms which visiting relatives are welcome to use.

Unpack right away
We’d recommend unpacking as soon as you move in. Putting up photos and displaying your favourite possessions is a great way to make your new home feel like home.

Living with boxes around you is not only hazardous but will also delay you settling in.

If you need some help unpacking you can get family and friends to help or ask Abbeyfield staff to assist you.

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