Leave a gift in your will

Thank you for considering leaving Abbeyfield a gift in your will.

Leaving Abbeyfield a gift in your will allows us to continue to enhance the lives of older people up and down the country. It will help ensure that we can be there for the increasing number of people who will need us in the future.

Many supporters choose to give their donation to a specific Abbeyfield home where they have a personal connection, such as a house they’ve volunteered at or one that has looked after a loved one.

Leaving money or assets to a charity in a will is known as a legacy. Legacies are vital for most charities, with donations making a huge difference to organisations no matter how big or small your gift.

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Contact our legacy team to discuss leaving a gift in your will.

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How to leave a gift in your will

When leaving assets in your will, you can specify which organisation should receive what. To leave a gift in your will, you should make a note of the details of the charity/charities you wish to leave a gift to, including the name, Charity Number and registered address. Notify your solicitor or will writer of your desire to leave a gift to your chosen charity/charities and they will be able to include this in your will for you.

Charities must be registered in the UK to qualify for this.

What can you leave in your will?

You can leave the following in your will:

  • Property
  • Possessions such as cars, keepsakes or family heirlooms
  • Money
  • Value of remaining estate
  • Intellectual property such as patents and copyrights

Leaving a legacy to Abbeyfield

Leaving a gift in your will to Abbeyfield is a much appreciated way of supporting us and ensures that our important work with older people both in our homes and local communities can continue well into the future.

We make the following promises:

  • We understand that your family and loved ones come first.
  • We will respect your right to privacy.
  • We respect that writing your will and leaving a legacy gift is a decision you will want to make in your own time – we will never put you under any pressure.
  • We understand that you can change your mind about a gift in your will to Abbeyfield at any time.
  • We will handle any gift sensitively and respectfully.
  • We will use your gift carefully and ensure it makes a real difference for older people.
  • We will share news of the valuable work that is made possible by gifts like yours.

How to leave a gift to Abbeyfield in your will

Firstly, contact your solicitor and tell them that you would like to make or change your will to include a gift to The Abbeyfield Society (Charity ref 200719). At this stage, it is important that you tell your solicitor if the gift is for the benefit of residents at a particular Abbeyfield home.

There are generally three types of gift or bequest given in a will:

  • Pecuniary – a defined value of gift
  • Residuary – A gift from the residue of your estate after family, friends and debtors have been looked after. This is sometimes stated as a percentage
  • Specific – A valuable item (e.g. an item or property) owned by you

We respect your right to total privacy and you do not have to tell us about your decision.

Need more information?

Contact our legacy team to discuss leaving a gift in your will.

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