St Albans Society Ltd

St Albans Society Ltd run and manage Grace Muriel House, a residential care home for older people in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

St Albans Society Ltd

A message from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees – Mr George Ashworth.

The Abbeyfield St Albans Society Ltd (ASAS) is now closed. In March, 2021, the Trustees took the decision to enter into consultations with residents and staff in connection with the termination of residential care services at Grace Muriel House (GMH). These consultations concluded in late May and residents and staff were advised shortly thereafter that GMH would need to close due to the financial ravages wrought by Covid.

After 60 years of providing shelter and care to the aged and vulnerable of St Albans, the Trustees appreciated that this was a huge decision. However, the financial impact of the global CV19 pandemic was such that ASAS had been operating at close to half capacity for over a year. The timing of the decision was to ensure that the Trustees had enough financial resources to oversee a professional, orderly and above all compassionate closure process.

Our last resident left the building on June 18th. There remains a small skeleton staff on site to undertake the final elements of work in closing the business down. However, GMH will shortly be fully closed and secured.

The Trustees wish to extend their gratitude to the former staff at GMH for their hard work and dedication to the delivery of outstanding care throughout the height of the pandemic. 

The Trustees also wish to acknowledge the acceptance of residents and resident sponsors to the closure decision. Notwithstanding the difficulty and upset associated with the decision, the speed at which both residents and sponsors acted was greatly appreciated.

Lastly, the Trustees wish to thank the residential care community of St Albans for their support. As a result, all residents were able to be re-housed in the accommodation of their choice and all staff have the opportunity to continue their careers in care with a new employer.

The Trustees are now working to ensure that there will be a fitting legacy. The Trustees are engaged with community and other stakeholders to help determine what the site and building might be used for in the future. Our desire is to see it used very much in line with the charitable aims and objectives of ASAS.


Note: This page will be updated regularly as matters develop.

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Name: St Albans Society Ltd

Address: Grace Muriel House, 104 Tavistock Ave, St Albans, AL1 2NW

Phone number: 01727 863327

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