Our Environmental Aims and Vision

Abbeyfield will always protect the environment by operating in an environmentally responsible manner. We shall achieve this by ensuring environmental management is integral to our decision-making processes, so that we can enhance our environmental performance and demonstrate continual improvement.

This will work alongside and complement the other Health, Safety and Quality systems we have in place, and is part of our ongoing, pro-active culture across the organisation.

The Abbeyfield Society is fully committed to:

  1. Complying with, and surpassing, all regulatory and government requirements that pertain to our business.
  2. Monitoring our sustainability performance using appropriate benchmarks and up-to-date calculations to determine our CO2 outputs.
  3. Striving to reduce our energy consumption year-on-year, against baseline figures.
  4. Continually analysing available environmental data, supporting the generation of key performance indicators (KPIs) and subsequent progress.
  5. Roadmapping our 2035-2050 targets to drive decarbonisation in support of the UK Net Zero Strategy.
  6. Improving home energy performance by adopting a fabric first retrofit program, ensuring our housing stock are EPC-C by 2030.
  7. Being innovative in our approach and embracing new and existing green technologies to benefit our operations, such as through projects that provide efficient use of energy.
  8. Minimising waste generation by building a reduce, reuse, and recycle ethos.
  9. Taking due regard to the habitats in which we operate, with conscious aim to increase biodiversity over time.
  10. Aligning our asset management strategy with our environmental sustainability strategy to ensure our stock is managed and improved effectively.
  11. Enhancing due diligence towards sustainable procurement, together with new and existing contractors.
  12. Integrating climate-resilience plans through assessing short, medium, and long-term risks.
  13. Ensuring our environmental objectives are communicated to our workforce, providing appropriate resources and additional training where necessary.
  14. Listening and engaging with our residents on environmental matters and ideas.
  15. Evolving our Environmental Social Governance (ESG) practices at cross-department level to align with the UN Sustainability Goals.
  16. Being a responsible business through effective governance, Board reporting and ethical practices.

If you would like any further information about how we are working to make Abbeyfield a more environmentally friendly place to live and work, please contact a member of the team via environment@abbeyfield.com