What are the benefits of eating together?

We all know that eating together as a family is very important for developing sensible eating habits and also helping to alleviate the stresses of daily life through healthy discussion and communication – a concept that doesn’t change as you age.

Here at Abbeyfield, community is at the heart of what we do. We’re very much more than just a home; we’re a Family. Sharing a well prepared meal is big part of what we do, and it has many benefits. Here are just a few…

  • Maintaining a healthy weight

As you age, it’s not unusual to experience weight loss either through illness or loss of appetite, so it’s important that meal times are made accessible and enjoyable to maintain a healthy weight in your senior years. We naturally eat more when in a social situation, whether by enjoying a buffet lunch or a sit down meal; our homes embrace this with enticing menus and comforting surroundings for a great experience. The NHS has some helpful advice on maintaining a healthy weight as we age. 

  • It’s good to talk!

A meal shared with others is generally twice as long as a meal eaten alone. A huge part of this is the social interaction and stimulating conversation that can be enjoyed around a dinner table. Mealtimes can be used to have discussions by creating a theme such as an Italian evening, or by celebrating an event such as Chinese New Year. Our residents regularly enjoy an engaging experience through our menus, creating a joyous and memorable mealtime.

  • Improved diet

It’s been well documented that people who enjoy shared mealtimes eat more fruit, vegetables, dairy and fibre than people who eat alone. By naturally making better food choices, people eating socially benefit from nutrients and vitamins that are linked to improved brain function and general heath. Therefore, you're keeping your brain active by eating with others! Check out our blogs on eating tips to improve nutrition and creating a healthy balanced diet for more handy hints on healthy eating.

  • Building friendships

Sharing food is a great way to meet new people and form new friendships. Bonding over food is a proven concept and promotes great conversation around memories of significant past food-based experiences. It’s important to make new friendships, regardless of age, to help prevent loneliness and help improve our overall wellbeing and mental health.


Why eating together is important for older people at Abbeyfield

We’re dedicated to making every experience, including mealtimes, inclusive, exciting and memorable here at Abbeyfield. From our senior cooks to our housekeepers, we’re all dedicated to creating the perfect plate of food served in a friendly and comforting environment. Whatever your needs, we can help you find an Abbeyfield that’s right for you, whether it be a sheltered housing sheme, a residential care home, dementia friendly care or an independent living complex, we can accommodate you.

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At Abbeyfield we are ready to welcome everyone with open arms. You will find our homes warm , open and friendly. Abbeyfield is more than just a retirement home, it is a community, companionship and a family.

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