Bringing our houses together one activity at a time

We’d like to start by saying a huge thank you to all of the houses, homes, Member Societies and individuals who took part.

One of our cornerstone activities was the People of Abbeyfield paper-chain, representing the wonderful people who embody the spirit of our Abbeyfield Family. We received some excellent videos and we’re proud to present the final compilation, illustrating the togetherness we feel as one family across the nation.

Please feel free to share!

We also had a creative writing initiative, where we could all reflect on our own understanding of togetherness, and a baking competition!

We have had great entries for the competition as well as poems, stories and letters written by our residents and staff. The baking competition winner will be announced soon so keep your eyes peeled, and we also have something special planned for all the creative writing entries we received.

All sorts of other activities took place so we have compiled some of our favourite photos so far below.

Eileen from Great Missenden enjoying her strawberry tea

Westall House ice cream cone cakes

Ballymena residents found a way to safely join hands

GIANT Jenga at Brows Lodge garden party

Jim Gillespie House made rhubarb & custard blondies

Sycamore House & The Firs delivered cakes to their local hospital

George from Ivy House indulging in his cream tea

Delicious cupcakes from Donaldon Lodge

Gordon working on his paper person

Harrowside House's amazing rainbow cake

Donaldson Lodge painted their benches for the NHS

Helen form Girton Green enjoying some food from the BBQ