Find a tasty selection of recipes gathered from the kitchens of Abbeyfield, each one showcasing delicious main course recipes that are waiting for you to try. From homemade fish pie, steak and ale pie, salmon en croute and speedy spaghetti bolognese, our Abbeyfield inspired main courses cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Homemade fish pie Image

Homemade fish pie

The traditional British dish of fish pie, also known as fisherman's pie, as it has a decadent cheesy mashed potato topping, is a wonderful meal for the whole family. Our deliciously quick and easy fish pie recipe will be sure to satisfy your tastebuds.

Spanish paella Image

Spanish paella

When you think about Spanish dishes, you probably think of paella. This sumptuous Spanish paella recipe will transport you to the sun-kissed beaches of Valencia.

Steak and ale pie Image

Steak and ale pie

Who doesn't love a pie? It's British comfort food at it's best, and a classic pub favourite. This mouthwatering steak and ale pie recipe will have you coming back for seconds!

Beef casserole and cobblers Image

Beef casserole and cobblers

A rich and tender beef casserole with homemade cobblers recipe, perfect for those colder winter nights.

Cheesy chicken and mushroom bake Image

Cheesy chicken and mushroom bake

This deliciously hearty chicken and mushroom bake creates a flavourful taste sensation with every mouthful and is an easy way to feed your family.

Chicken stuffed with asparagus Image

Chicken stuffed with asparagus

This healthy, succulent chicken stuffed with asparagus recipe is the perfect easy midweek meal.

Speedy spaghetti bolognese Image

Speedy spaghetti bolognese

This quick and easy spaghetti bolognese recipe bursts with delicious Italian flavours and ensures a warming, fast meal for those busy evenings.

Beef olives Image

Beef olives

British comfort food at it's best, this Beef olives recipe has two variations for the stuffing, is easy to make, and is sure to please your family.

Mike's marvellous meatballs in tomato sauce Image

Mike's marvellous meatballs in tomato sauce

A family favourite that is very tasty, but also very simple to make. This meatball in tomato sauce recipe is sure to delight.

Salmon En Croute Image

Salmon En Croute

Fillet of salmon wrapped in puff pastry, creamed mash potato filled with a tomato sauce, green beans and carrots rolled in leek, served with a white wine and watercress sauce. Something a little special for Christmas day.

Tarragon Chicken Image

Tarragon Chicken

Indulge in the timeless delight of this tarragon chicken recipe. A quick version of the classic French poulet a l'estragon, this dish pairs beautifully with a side of potatoes or rice.

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